The series of images 'Lost in Taboo' is my attempt to portray how my life has been affected by depression. Through presenting the process by which the depression takes, I attempt to take the viewer into this day to day reality.

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Butterflies beneath the glass


Shop windows, with their decorated stages and their idealised representations of the male and female social components, have long held a personal interest for me. Through the solid yet translucent 'fourth wall' we are able to...

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Life, What is but a dream?


These photographs explore the subtle undercurrents of adult material in Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. In a novel where the main character drinks potions and eats pieces of mushrooms to change her physical state.....

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The Romance of Strangers

Image Missing

During the composition of this work I was keenly interested in exploring photography's functional capacity to operate a narrative line.......

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Uncommon Ground

What began as a personal journey into understanding how coal-fired power stations work and contemplating their contribution to society has transformed into a series of images....

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